SitnStand is a portable, smart rising seat developed to help the elderly maintain their independence as long as possible.
The SitnStand Team
Our Story

It all started 10 years ago when a friend asked the founders, “You’re creative inventors, right? Can you invent something to help my mother stand up from her couch and sit back down easily and safely?”
So, we built a product to help Dany’s mom and other elderly who had trouble getting up and down.
It took much longer than we thought. We had to invent almost every part from scratch because we couldn’t find an air pump quiet enough, ,air pipes soft enough to sit on while pumping or a fabric that was flexible but stiff, and not slippery that would look good in any home, or restaurant.
10 years later, after more than 60,000 hours and 200 samples and prototypes, we are launching the SitnStand Portable Smart Rising Seat exclusively in the UK!

The Team

Gal Goldner and Iftah Geva have been best friends since their first year in high-school, and have stuck together through their engineering studies and their first business together.
Gal and Iftah Have committed from their first day of founding their entrepreneurship to using their technological skills, creativity, and passion to invent products that will help people.

Gal Goldner
Gal Goldner | Co-founder and CEO

Gal is an experienced entrepreneur with expertise in Human Technology. Gal has a BA degree as Engineer, focused in Mechanical from Ben-Gurion University.

Iftah Geva
Iftah Geva | Co-founder

Iftah is a genuine artist and an entrepreneur and a technology lover in his heart & soul.

Hayut Yogev
Hayut Yogev | Marketing Director

Founder and CEO of Gaia VSM, helping startups and entrepreneurs break into global markets. She is the host of Reach or Miss podcast, where she interviews international successful entrepreneurs and opinion leaders. Hayut brings extensive experience to the table, along with over 30 years of expertise in business management, strategic planning, marketing, and trade in leading international and local companies. She holds an MBA from Bar-Ilan University.

Elad Rom
Elad Rom | COO