I was afraid this moment might never come; yet, here we are! 

After 3,560 days of development, countless design hours, 6 visits to the UK in as many months, tens of seniors who tested the product and helped us make it better, 7 of the best UK retail partners with 57 stores, 1 OT show, and the help of many good people, the first shipment of the SitnStand seats is in the show rooms in the UK.

The portable, smart rising seat started with an innocent request of a friend who wanted to help his mom. Gal Goldner and Iftah Geva decided to take on this challenge. Gal and Iftah have been friends since their first meeting in high school, 25 years ago. Both are entrepreneurs in their hearts and souls, not to mention are very talented technological and engineering experts.They are also wonderful people.

I say so because I fell in love with those people and their ‘life project’ three and a half years ago. Among the hundreds of startups I’ve worked with over the last ten years, I’ve chosen, and still choose every day, to be a part of the SitnStand team.

The why

The SitnStand was built up to help the elderly maintain their independence as long as possible by enabling them to sit down and stand up by themselves, on any chair, anywhere. I believe that as you age, you see things differently. The people you have met, the experiences you have had, and the lessons you learned along the way enable you to see from new angles and use different approaches at each stage of your life. It requires unique skills to understand the needs and challenges of the elderly trying to function independently in their own home since their body limitations change over time. As well as communicating with elderly people about what they wanted in such a product, Gal and Iftah also learned about the different muscle groups, the movements those groups created, and other small details that might help future users. 

The how

Since they couldn’t find the materials, elements, and technologies they needed, they invented them, bit by bit. First, they needed a pump that will be light and easy to carry, with enough power to get the job done, while not being too noisy. They also needed pipes to transfer the air to inflate the product. Followed by the engine, the fabric, etc. It was quite the journey to find and/or create the parts they needed.


We asked ourselves where in the world we should launch first. We wanted to ‘test the water’ before we jump in with both feet. We knew we wanted to start in Europe. First, because we wanted to be close to the consumers and retailers while starting to use the product. Second, because we knew that most of the European markets are facing a reality of a big growing elderly population. We had some ideas about starting in Germany but then we learned more and find out about the opportunity In the UK. And made our decision.


And here we are, launching the SitnStand in England as the first and only (for the coming few months) country in the world.


Starting today, the SitnStand is available in 55 show rooms all over the UK and we invite you to come and try it out. The light 3+kg bag (when fully packed) can be carried over your shoulder or held like a laptop bag, so you can take it with you anywhere. In about two weeks, we will visit the UK again. I can hardly wait to meet with people and see the SitnStand help more elderly extend their independence.