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Medically-retired and bird-breeding Ray enjoys freedom to sit and stand independently thanks to his pioneering SitnStand

Ray Burr, 64 from Chestnut in Hertfordshire, is the latest individual to discover the unique benefits of the revolutionary SitnStand assistive solution. Ray is a medically-retired maintenance engineer who enjoyed a career working in paper mills and dairy production.   · Read More

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Norma & Colin Case Study

Oxfordshire’s Norma and Colin enjoy priceless independence together thanks to world’s first SitnStand Portable Smart Rising Seat  Norma aged 65 with a rare degenerative condition and husband Colin, a retired space satellite scientist, live in Blewsbury – they are the world’s first owners of the revolutionary SitnStand:  “SitnStand has genuinely changed our lives. Norma now

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