• Where can I see and try the SitnStand?

The SitnStand – a portable smart rising seat – is being launched in the UK in the first week of January 2019.  If you visited the UK OT Show in NEC Birmingham last November, you might have had met us in one of the two spaces where we demonstrated our products. You can find the SitnStand in the stores of our Retail Partners. Please see the detailed Store Locator here and find the closest store for your convenience.

store locator

  • Which Retail Stores are selling the SitnStand?

Here are the retail partners that sell the SitnStand:

You can find the closest store of each retail partner here in the detailed Store Locator:  

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  • Is there a weight limit to the SitnStand? Is there a product for Bariatrics?

The SitnStand weight limit is 18 stones – 120 kg. Right now, there isn’t a SitnStand product for bariatric patients. It’s important to us to hear your opinion, as experts, if there is a need for such a product, what should the weight limits be, and any other relevant info. Please leave us a comment below, or send us an email to: expertsinfo@sitnstand.com

  • What is the SitnStand retail price? 

  • Can the SitnStand be bought VAT free? 

The SitnStand retail price is 497 Pound + VAT (The SitnStand was solely designed to Enable VAT relief according to VAT Notice 701/7) The SitnStand retail price is around half the price of a decent Rising Recliner. The idea behind this pricing is that, for those who use Rising Recliners, the SitnStand can be a complimentary solution when they are out of home, staying with family for the holidays, or visiting a friend. And for those who choose not to buy the Rising Recliner, either because they don’t want to change furniture or due to price issues, the SitnStand can be an excellent solution.

  • Does the SitnStand need to be plugged into an electrical socket to be used?

No. The SitnStand operates with a unique Lithium Battery. The battery needs to be charged every 4 days to a week.  Charging the battery takes approximately 4 hours. It is recommended to charge the battery overnight, when the SitnStand isn’t in use.  

  • Is the SitnStand suitable for pressure ulcers (pressure sores)?

The first model of the SitnStand currently available in stores is aimed toward people that do not have a high risk of pressure ulcers. We are working on a model that will answer this demand. If you are interesting in knowing when it will arrive to the market, please  send us an email to expertsinfo@sitnstand.com

  • Is there a SitnStand with a waterproof cushion?

The SitnStand is not to be used in a wet room. The SitnStand cushion, as it sealed for air, is waterproof, but its fabric is not waterproof. We are working on removable cover that will be waterproof and washable. If you are interesting in knowing when it will arrive to the market, send us an email to expertsinfo@sitnstand.com

  • Is the SitnStand suitable for use in a wheelchair?

This model of the SitnStand was not designed for use in a wheelchair. If you are looking for a product that will fit a wheelchair, please send us an email to expertsinfo@sitnstand.com·