Portable Smart Rising Seat

Portable Smart Rising Seat

The revolutionary innovative rising seat for Elderly Independence

Easy, simple and safe to use

Suitable for a long sitting time

Rechargeable battery

Washable seat cover

Easy, simple and safe to use. Only two up - down buttons to control.

Suitable for siting for extended periods of time comfortable and designed for long siting hours. the seat is almost Imperceptibly when deflated.

Rechargeable battery capable of working for a week (80-90 inflated rounds) before recharging. Overnight (4-6 hours) charging.

Washable seat cover, easy to remove and wash the seat's cushion cover.

Lightweight and portable

Suitable for any style of chair

Four height levels for inflation

Lightweight and portable within the home, visiting or traveling weighs only 3kg, with hidden handles to easily switch between any chair, armchair or couch.

Suitable for any style of chair, armchair or sofa unique ergonomic design makes it suitable for any kind of chair.

Four height levels for inflation for any person’s height and for any type and size of chair.

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How to Use - Gal Goldner Co-Founder and CEO demonstrates

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How to use

Suitable for any chair

Rechargeable battery


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