Clinically endorsed by The OT Service, the new SitnStand Portable Smart Rising Seat has generated significant interest from healthcare professionals visiting the latest Occupational Therapy Adaptation Conference in Reading. 

OTAC regional exhibitions provide a unique showcase of products and services for accessible housing adaptations, alongside a comprehensive CPD-accredited seminar programme for OTs. SitnStand demonstrated alongside fellow specialist manufacturers that provide assisted living solutions for individuals with restricted mobility. With the support of John Callas, OT, the SitnStand team engaged with large numbers of professionals throughout the day who were keen to understand more about the revolutionary portable smart rising seat. 

Developed by Life Assistant Limited and available through leading nationwide suppliers, the new SitnStand Portable Smart Rising Seat is a unique solution to a common problem – getting in and out of any chair independently. It provides a safer and more controlled sit-to-stand without the help of relatives, friends or carers. Its ergonomic, air-driven technology delivers a rising flat surface unlike traditional rise and recliner chairs that tip users forward. This ensure people with balance and strength inconsistencies can stand with greater confidence without the risk of falls. With the ability to achieve standing in all locations through its unique portability, users are able to access the wider community and benefit from greater inclusion.

One of the visiting OTs, Ann Williams (Moving & Handling Lead South ILT, Oxfordshire County Council, Adult Social Care), was very impressed with the SitnStand which she has already specified for a client. Ann comments: “The SitnStand is an ideal solution for individuals who are experiencing problems with chair transfers, but who wish to maintain independence and a choice with use of chair. Many traditional rise and recliners tend to tip users forward which can be an issue, particularly for persons with neurological conditions who may experience impaired balance and strength. However, the level seat pad and graduated, flat rise of the SitnStand facilitates a safer, more controlled sit-to-stand, with greater reassurance for the client, whilst maintaining present function.”

SitnStand will be exhibiting at the next OTAC event to be held at the Hilton Hotel Ageas Bowl, Southampton, 11th September 2019.

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Notes for the Editor: Life Assistant Limited
Established in 2009, Life Assistant is an Israeli-based innovator of independent living solutions. Led by the entrepreneurial spirit of Gal Goldner and Iftah Geva, this specialist manufacturer is focused on delivering inclusion, dignity and well-being for elderly and disabled individuals. Its flagship portable smart rising seat, SitnStand, epitomises the vision of the business – empowering people to continue enjoying life irrespective of mobility challenges.·

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