How technology can improve the lives of older people


Although they might find it difficult at first, older people are beginning to use modern technology. In fact, according to the Office for National Statistics, 41% of adults aged 75 years and over were recent internet users in this year’s study. In the findings, recent internet use among women aged 75 and over had almost trebled from 2011.

Fitness Devices

As we all know, staying fit and healthy in old age is very important. The healthier you are, the more chance you have of avoiding certain medical conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

There are now various types of fitness devices available to help track your daily progress. Fitness trackers are worn around the wrist like a watch, or a lifeline pendant, and will monitor your activity throughout the day.

Most devices can track the following:

  • Number of steps.

  • Calories burnt.

  • Heart rate.

  • Sleeping patterns.

Some devices, such as the Fitbit Surge, come with GPS and can connect with your Android or Apple mobile phone. Some devices are also waterproof so that you can use them while swimming, with battery ranges varying between three to five days.


We’ve already talked briefly about some of the apps that are available on your mobile phone and tablet, now let’s take a closer look. The term ‘app’ is short for application. Apps are a type of computer program which allows people to access information quicker.

There are many different types of app available on both the Android and iOS marketplace. Common types of app include:

  • News Apps –All major newspapers and TV news outlets have apps to help break news stories quicker and to help you find the news you’re looking for.

  • Weather Apps –It’s always good to have the forecast at a click of a button.

  • Games –There are so many games to choose from. Playing games will prevent boredom and keeps your brain active.

  • Social Media –Stay in touch with friends and family through the Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or Skype app.

  • Shopping –More and more online stores, such as Asos, now have apps. This makes it even quicker to place an order without leaving home.

  • Music, Film & TV –There are plenty of streaming apps to choose from. Streaming is a way of transmitting data from the internet, directly onto your device without needing to download it. Popular examples include BBC iPlayer and Netflix.

Apps can make life much easier, but they are also great for your safety. There are many apps designed specifically to help older people stay safe at home. There are various healthcare apps which can manage your medication. You can set alarms which be make a sound and tell you which part of your medication you need to take.

Health & Mobility Devices

There is a huge marketplace for health and mobility technology for older people. Of course, one of the most valuable is our life-saving personal alarm device. Our service allows older people and disabled people to continue living independently in the comfort of their own homes.

By wearing a pendant around your neck or wrist, you are ensuring that you can get help instantly if you feel unwell or suffer a fall. Our Care Team work 24/7, 365 days a year to ensure that they are always on hand to help you.

Health monitoring can also be vital in protecting the well-being of older people. For example, people who have suffered from heart problems can have a heart rate and/or blood pressure monitor in their home. This piece of technology can take heart rate and blood pressure measurements so that you, your family and your carers/doctors can check on your condition.

Some other great examples of mobility technology for older people include:

  • Stairlifts –Stairlifts enable you to get up and down the stairs with ease, without the risk of falling. Installing a stairlift is a great way of staying safe at home.

  • Scooters –Mobility scooters are great for people who struggle to walk long distances. A scooter is ideal if you have arthritis, osteoporosis or Paget’s disease of the bone. Most scooters also come with a basket for you to store your shopping bags.

  • Electric Wheelchairs –Alternatively you can purchase an electric wheelchair in order to get around. By having an electric wheelchair you don’t have to waste energy wheeling yourself, nor do you require somebody to push you. This gives you more independence.