No Price Tag on Independence

We take sitting and standing for granted, but there comes a time when this simple act is what makes the difference between keeping you, or your loved ones, independent. SitnStand is designed to help maintain functional independence.

It might be as a result of age, chronic condition, medication, or an unfortunate accident, but there might come a time when the only thing that keeps one from being independent is the ability, which we usually take for granted, to sit and stand independently. It is crucial to our mobility, since it is essential to almost every action, whether it is getting up and going to the toilet, getting up to get something to eat, or getting up to open the door – there is always a reason to stand up from a chair.

Moreover, sedentary behavior places seniors at risk of functional deterioration. The ability to independently sit and stand securely is crucial for the quality of living. Here is where SitnStand smart portable lift chair gets in the picture.

Freedom for both the patient and his caregiver

It was Dr. SG, who wrote in her review:

“Recently my husband underwent surgery to reattach torn tendons to anchors placed in his knee. While he can do little to speed up the healing process, he was frustrated he couldn’t independently stand from his recliner.

The next year looked dismal, esp. just coming out after a long year in the house because of COVID. Working from home, I was able to assist him. However, he had to wait for hours until I was finished with work conference calls. In addition, a couple of my back disks are ruptured and I feared I would injure myself and not be able to assist him.”

Unfortunately with old age, people might find themselves limited in sitting down in a chair or getting out of it. The consequences of this disability, whether permanent or temporary, might be the thin line between independence and being dependent.


SitnStand was designed especially for these moments in life – it is a portable, top-of-the-line lift chair that helps you or your loved one, keep your routine independently as much as possible, while keeping you safe and in control.

Safety is not a feature, it’s a must

Getting up from a chair and sitting down, especially in a fragile condition, is not a nice-to-have feature but a must, especially for maintaining independent living. SitnStand is designed to gradually lift to an upright standing position safely and in full control of the process. It is comfortable, safe, and hassle-free so that nothing can stop you, or your loved one, from getting up and about when needed or wanted with no assistance needed. It is also designed to avoid those risky situations that might compromise the safety of a senior person and many times are a reason for worries, for both the senior and family.

To be mobile, the lift chair must be portable

Having a permanent lift chair in the living room is a great help but it does not solve all mobility issues, at home or outside the house. With SitnStand that is no longer an issue since it is built to be portable, easy to carry and, easy to use anywhere and anytime.

Upgrade your quality of life

Aging brings many changes, however, SitnStand smart portable lift chair requires no change in your lifestyle, home décor, or any change whatsoever. It is made to be of service and help you keep your independence in your own home without making any modifications. Isn’t that what it is all about? The comfort of our customers is not a by-product but an essence by itself.