The Lift Chair that Gifts
Your Clients Safe Independence

Fully Accessible,
Fully Welcoming

Lightweight, highly portable, and wrapped in stylish fabric, SitnStand is the best chair lift assist for use by the elderly – at home, while visiting loved ones, or while on the go. Concealed handles make it easy to grip, get up/down, and grab it to go to their next seated destination.

Why the Elderly
Love SitnStand

SitnStand is compatible with any type of chair, armchair, or sofa, allowing the elderly to continue to use the furniture they know and love, while remaining independent in their homes. The smart, portable chair riser is comfortable and designed for prolonged use, and its removable cover makes for easy cleaning.

More Independence,
More Satisfied Customers

SitnStand empowers independent seniors, as well as those in need of assistance, with the ability to sit down/get up with comfort and dignity, creating positive experiences that keep them returning to your assisted living facility, hospital, rehab center, or other senior-minded business.