Portable Rising Seat - First Use

Getting started

Select an appropriate seat. It is advisable to selec a steady and stable chair that does not easily move. An armchair is preferable.

Getting started

Sitting Down

  • A. Sit Comfortably in the center.
  • B. Start deflating by pressing the “Down” arrow button.
  • C. Now you can sit down comfortably.


One “Down” arrow depression will lower one layer.

Standing Up

  • A. Sit upright.
  • B. Place your feet close to the chair.
  • C. Spread your feet.
  • D. Inflate the cushion by pressing the “Up” button.
  • E. Now you can easily stand up.


One depression of the “Up” button will inflate one layer.


Replacing and charging the battery

  • A. Remove battery by sliding it towards you.
  • B. Connect battery to the charger.
  • C. When the “Red” light on the charger changes to “Green”, the battery is fully charged.
  • D. Slide the charged battery into its place.
  • **NOTE:

    When using the battery for the first time it should be charged for at least 12 hours.


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