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"The best invention ever made for elderly to get out of a chair or off the couch , its portable and you can use or take it anywhere ."

— Andrew Godek


John Harrop, 72, Rochdale, United Kingdom

I have found the lightweight, portable, rising seat to be very helpful and convenient especially when sitting in different chairs in and away from home "

"Best invention ever. Means much more to me than the wheel. I haven't been able to get out

of a regular chair for 10 years! Now I can!"

— Sandra Nash


"My husband and I purchased two SitnStand Portable Rising Seats. They are very helpful. We are in our eighties and finding it difficult to get up out of our chairs, due to back issues and weak knees. These Rising Seats are the perfect solution for us! We can remain in our home longer without needing outside assistance. My primary doctor has said, "Get off the couch!" and now I have! ."

— J.J.