The Everywhere Lift Chair™

Experience safe and independent standing and sitting with our portable lift chair.

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  • Suitable for any style of chair

    Unique ergonomic design

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Sit to Stand & Be On Your Way

SitnStand products are lightweight, portable, and easy to use, making them the perfect lift chairs for the elderly, wheelchair users, and other people who could use a lift assist to promote greater mobility in their day-to-day lives.

Keep Your Favorite Sofa

Keep Your Appointments

Main Features

Weight Allowance

Up to 400 lbs

Simple to Use

With full control

Rechargeable Battery

Last for 4-7 days

Washable Seat Cover

Easy to remove

Only $599

Who We Are

Fueled by a passion to promote safety and independence among those we know and love as they live with chronic illness, disability, or the natural consequences of aging, we’re empowering more people around the world to sit and stand with dignity and grace with revolutionary lift assist devices.

We Are Here For You

Discover how we can help you sit to stand, safely and with dignity, like never before.