Portable safe rising lift chairs for the elderly. This lift chair in a bag is easy to use, hassle-free, it is perfect for senior housing independent living and the perfect gift for seniors.

  • No Installation

  • No Assembly

  • No Sweat

Easily Adjustable Seat Riser Suitable for any style of chair


Perfect for Senior Independent living Comes in a carrying bag, lightweight

Main Features

Portable lift chair recliner is suitable for any style of chair, lightweight, and hassle-free, the lift chair recliner is the perfect gift for senior housing independent living.

Suitable for Any
Style of Chair
Unique Ergonomic Design  
Light Weight 
Weighs Only 6.6 lbs.  

Only $599

Comes in Carry Bag

More Features

Weight Allowance  
Up to 265 lbs.
Simple to Use
With Full Control
Washable Seat Cover  
Easy to Remove
Rechargeable Battery  
Last for 4-7 days

Only  $599


Amazon review:

"Best invention ever. Means much more to me than the wheel. I haven't been able to get out of a regular chair for 10 years! Now I can!"

By - Sandra Nash

Amazon review:

"The best invention ever made for elderly to get out of a chair or off the couch , its
portable and you can use or take it anywhere ."

By- Andrew Godek


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