James Magee,

Breaux Bridge, LA

Model: Lift Assist SitnStand Compact - for travel

James, a 64-year-old with Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy, shares his profound experience with SitnStand. In search of aid for daily mobility, he discovered SitnStand through social media. After a hands-on experience at the Abilities Expo, James acquired the device and immediately recognized its immense value, particularly in social gatherings. SitnStand has granted him a newfound sense of freedom, ease, and comfort.

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Lyle Dixon,

Fayetteville, PA

Model: Lift Assist SitnStand Classic - for in and around the home

Witness the powerful impact of SitnStand on 67-year-old Lyle's life. Battling a Rare Muscle Disease, he has broken free from the confines of his home and regained the freedom to go wherever he pleases. In just 18 months, SitnStand has transformed his world, allowing him to step out of his house without feeling like a prisoner, and rekindling a sense of liberation and independence.

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Sheryl Stanford,

Bartlett, TN

Model: Lift Assist SitnStand for Wheelchair

Sheryl is an inspiring 80-year-old who has faced the challenges of polio since the 1940s. Despite limited use of her legs, Sheryl has fought bravely for 78 years. Sheryl shares her transformative experience with SitnStand.

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Blairsville, GA

Model: Lift Assist SitnStand Classic - for in and around the home

Philip, an 85-year-old, shares his two-decade battle with Inclusion Body Myositis (IBM), a progressive and untreatable muscle condition. He describes his long search on the internet for assistance in standing up, and his eventual discovery of SitnStand. Philip details the transformative effect that having multiple SitnStand units strategically placed throughout his home has had on his mobility and overall well-being.

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Carl Shaw,

Albuquerque, NM

Model: Lift Assist SitnStand Classic - for in and around the home

Struggling with Inclusion Body Myositis (IBM), Carl has found a new lease on life with SitnStand. This versatile mobility aid has become an essential part of his daily routine, providing him with comfort and ease and ultimately proving to be a life-changing tool.

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Jim Kissling,

Indianapolis IN

Model: Lift Assist SitnStand Compact - for travel

Meet Jim Kissling, a 46-year-old , whose life took a turn for the better with SitnStand. Living with Kennedy Disease, a neuromuscular condition, Jim has found newfound independence and joy thanks to SitnStand. Now, activities like boating and everyday outings are much easier, safer and more enjoyable.

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