About SitnStand - Lift Assist Devices

SitnStand is a company fueled by a passion to promote safety and independence among those we know and love as they live with chronic illness, disability, or the natural consequences of aging. To achieve this goal, we designed and built easy, simple, and safe to use products that allow more people around the world to sit and stand with dignity and grace.

Our Team

Gal Goldner

CEO and Co-founder

Iftah Geva

CTO and Co-founder


Ella Shubaev

VP Operations


Dani Zeevi

Strategic Advisor active Board Member

Amir Schori

Amir Schori

VP Business Development

Our Story

Inspired by a friend in desperate need for a way to help his mother safely and easily sit down and stand up from the couch, Gal Goldner and Iftah Geva poured over 60,000 hours into 200 samples and prototypes, ultimately building a product that promotes prolonged independence among the senior generation, taking into account this segment of the population’s needs and preferences for comfort, convenience, and independence. 

Over the course of a decade, the duo of creative inventors researched and developed nearly every part of what would become their smart, portable, rising seat from scratch, ensuring that the air pump was quiet enough, the air pipes were soft enough to be comfortably sat on, and the fabric was suitable for non-slip wear in any environment – at home and on-the-go.

Our Mission

Defy the odds of aging and empower the elderly to continue to sit and stand confidently, safely, and independently, while minimizing the risk of falls and injury, through the use of a chair lift that helps them get up and down.