Rising to the Challenge

Getting up and sitting down might become obstacles in maintaining old age functional independence. SitnStand’s portable, easy-to-use lift chair raises to the challenge of keeping you, or your loved ones, up and about.

Rising to the Challenge
Rising to the Challenge

It’s no secret that a decrease in functional ability that gradually comes as we age makes performing daily tasks more challenging than it used to be. Not only that it sometimes may be preventing us, or our loved ones, from doing things, it also proposes other risks, such as falls or deterioration, either functional or sometimes even cognitive.

When it comes to getting up and sitting down, many seniors find it challenging, whether it is due to stiff or painful joints, weak muscles, back problems, etc. `It is not only an issue of mobility, it is also about independence. The inability to stand up independently compromises mobility and makes seniors more and more dependent, which also might in its turn decrease the sense of self-worth and self-motivation. This has an impact on the quality of life of the senior and his caregivers, usually family members.

SitnStand rises to the challenge of assisting seniors in getting up and sitting down

SitnStand rises

Technological adaptations can sometimes provide the perfect solution. The revolutionary SitnStand smart portable lift chair not only lifts gradually to a standing position and allows independence; it also helps avoid vulnerable situations that might compromise the security of the senior person. Maintaining independence allows seniors to age with dignity in the comfort of their homes and communities.

Instead of telling you all about our product, we thought the reviews of our customers on amazon.com will tell our story better:

SitnStand: A life changer for seniors

David writes:

“My family bought this chair lift for our elderly mother who has difficulty standing up from a chair …The SitnStand Portable Smart Rising Seat was the answer to a prayer! It works beautifully on her kitchen chair and provides comfortable seating for extending periods of time … The controls are easy for Mom to use, and she enjoys the independence it gives her. She has not been able to stand up from the kitchen table on her own for at least a year, but with the SitnStand, she rises with ease, safely and comfortably every time. We had one glitch with the unit, however, but it was resolved to our complete satisfaction … The new unit works flawlessly and Mom comments every day that she doesn’t know what she’d do without it … I cannot recommend this product enough. It is a fantastic product and fills a real need for elderly or disabled people. Thank you for inventing such a life-changing product.”


SitnStand: Securely getting seniors up on their feet

Lady Lavender shares:

“This product has been a life saver! My 83 year old husband has been unable to get up out of most chairs … He was always afraid those portable lifts would spring him out and might make him fall. He does not have that fear with the SitnStand. It gently raises him up to where he can just move right out of the chair … This is the best purchase ever and so easy to set up and use. It even comes in a case so when we go to visit our kids we can take it with us. I would recommend this purchase to anyone having a problem getting out of a chair.”

SitnStand: Making independence possible again – everywhere and anytime

Doc Sue tells us:

“My mum was mostly housebound until she bought the SitnStand portable seat. She couldn’t stand or sit down without great discomfort and the support of her carer. The seat has been like a miracle for her and she takes it wherever she goes, giving her such a feeling of liberation.”

Heather Liberman also supports this: “I purchased this seat for my beloved grandmother, and this gave her her freedom back. Giving this one A+! simple, easy to carry around, so useful. Truly a winner.”


SitnStand: Unlike any lift chair

Jack Robinson: Expensive but worth it. Works great. Much better than a lift chair because of its portability. Excellent quality. Highly recommend.”

Sandra Nash: “I can go anywhere and sit down again. Best invention ever. Means much more to me than the wheel. I haven’t been able to get out of a regular chair for 10 years! Now I can! This has opened up the world to me again. Thank you!”

Andrew Godek: “The best invention ever made for elderly to get out of a chair or off the couch, its portable and you can use or take it anywhere. It’s more useful than a lift chair.”